A downloadable game for Linux

Lost Cavern is an oldschool Roguelike where you play an ecological activist in a futuristic world who struggles with a huge multi-planetary corporation, MultiplexCorp, which is destroying an antic cavern to build a mysterious weapon...

Destroy the map to redraw your own with nuclear charges, fight bosses, take random drugs, collect legendary weapons and destroy the MultiplexCorp !

However, you are infected by a random disease with differents effects... don't forget to use vaccins !

*** This is a Beta version, feel free to contact me at S01den@protonmail.com if you have any suggestion or if you found bugs ***

A big screen is recommended. If the menus are weirdly displayed, try to launch in minimal mode (134*43) with ./LostCavern 1 The default keyboard type is QWERTY.


  • Ascii-art graphics
  • 4 types of monsters and 3 bosses
  • Destructible environment
  • Proceduraly generated cave
  • Crafting system 
  • 10 armors and 15 weapons, with 3 levels of rarity
  • NPC and Quests
  • Random drugs (and hallucinogen !)
  • 3 differents diseases


  • Arrows to move
  • zsqd to attack (aewx in diagonal) or qsad on a qwerty keyboard (to change the keyboard type, go to the menu and select the option "CHANGE KEYBOARD"), interact with a npc or destroy a wall
  • 'c' to display the crafting menu
  • ',' to dispaly the quest menu
  • ESC to display the help menu
  • ENTER to use your special power
  • a number between 1 and 9 to use an object which is in your inventory


  • Don't forget that you can (and should !) destroy walls.
  • You must pick gems with a melee weapon.
  • Use the shields ! (you can craft them in the crafting menu)
  • Fire cancels radioactivity
  • Block a sentry with shield and then kill it easily with ranged weapons
  • The resistance of crystal armor and the damage of the crystal sword (two legendary items) depends on the number of gems the player owns.
  • Guardians are stupid and follow you, so lure them into trap.

The game is open-source, however the code is very ugly...

Check here: https://github.com/S01den/Lost_CavernRL
Only available on Linux (for the moment...)

Install instructions

You should install libncurses5

(sudo apt-get install libncurse5dev)

Download the sources, type "make", and run the game (to use the minimal mode, type ./LostCavern 1)


Lost_CavernRL-master.zip 1,006 kB
LostCavern 135 kB